1.5" Sling Swivels

Posted by Bill Combatex on

COMBATEX is the first company to bring you 1.5" sling swivels.

Our swivels feature a 1 1/2" wide steel loop with a 250lb break strength.

All steel construction is coated with a black finish that passed a salt water spray test of over 24 hours.

Quick Disconnect (QD) with free spinning steel lock nut.  The nut will not unscrew until it is pulled away from the assembly.

These sling swivels will fit all standard swivel studs and fit Harris Bipod studs.

Wider rifle slings have become popular.  1-1/2" width slings make carrying a rifle much easier as it will distribute weight better.  Wider slings also help to create a more accurate stable base position when shooting with a sling in different positions.



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