Ghillie Suit Foundations

Ghillie jackets, Foudation Vests, Sniper Cloaks
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  • Ghillie Suit Jacket Foundation

    A lightweight, quick deployment ghillie suit foundation. It allows a sniper or hunter to quickly add and remove natural vegetation for proper camouflage in different terrains. Tie on a light amount of your choice of garnish (jute, burlap, etc) and then add vegetation from the area you're working in. Natural vegetation is always the best camouflage.

    Lightweight Nylon Mesh with Removable Hood

    • Hood attaches with round plastic buttons and can be quickly and silently removed.
    • Elastic drawstring with cord locks on the hood and on the chest area.
    • Boonie hat or baseball hat will fit under hood.
    • Flat nylon paracord bar tacked onto rugged lightweight athletic mesh.
    • A completely adaptable ghillie jacket foundation. Save yourself from many hours of building your own ghillie suit.

    One Size fits all. Sleeves are 3/4 length and should not impair weapon manipulation.

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