International Orders

Yes, we can and do ship worldwide!! 

Unfortunately our website is not set up for international orders at this time.

If you are a customer outside of the USA, please message us to set up an order.

International orders can still be processed through our website or PayPal but will require us to set it up.

Most of our products are shipped and stored at our fulfillment center that does not ship outside the USA.  We reserve a limited number of products at our shop to fill International orders and fill those orders ourselves.  

If you want to get an International shipping quote estimate, use this link to USPS Priority Mail International.

This the best shipping option because shipping is tracked and the ship time is only 3-10 business days.

We like to use use Flat Rate Padded Envelopes for multiple items.Priority Mail International® Padded Flat Rate Envelope

For smaller orders, one Stock Pack will fit nicely in a Small Flat Rate Box.Priority Mail International® Small Flat Rate Box


If you prefer another shipping service we can accommodate that as well.