Sniper Stockpack

Tactical Sharpshooter

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SNIPER STOCKPACKS are made in the USA by Tactical Sharpshooter.

COMBATEX is currently the only authorized re-seller of this product.

Proven to be the most durable and well built rifle buttstock pack available with the best critical features:

Internal and External Ammo Loops:

  • 5-Round ammo loops are sewn inside the pouch.
  • 6-Round ammo band attaches by Velcro and is removable.
  • Made to fit all large rifle calibers 30 caliber and magnums.
  • 12 gauge shells will fit snug in external ammo band only, must skip loops.
  • 556/223 rounds can be doubled up in each loop for tighter fit.
black stockpack removable ammo band

black stockpack removable ammo band

Padded Cheek Rest:

  • Built in foam padding underneath a soft textured PVC material that doesn't absorb moisture and is very easy to wipe clean.
black stockpack cheek pad

      Large Utility Pouch:

      • Double zipper makes access fast and secure.
      • Noiseless paracord zipper pull tabs can be positioned anywhere you want.
      • Easily fits magazines, tools, small rangefinders and NV batteries.

      black stockpack pouch interior

      black stockpack inside view of large pouch

        Completely Adjustable:
        • All straps are attached by velcro, fully adjustable and removable.
        • Full coverage of velcro underneath pack allows straps to attach anywhere.
        • Will fit all bolt action rifle stocks.
        • Works with larger aftermarket tactical and precision stocks.
        • Fits all shotgun stocks.
        • Fits smaller caliber rifle stocks like Ruger 10-22.

        black stockpack bottom full velcro coverage with straps

        Raise Cheek Height:

        • Comes with 6 strips of double sided velcro used to add height to your cheek weld.
        • Strips attach to the underside of the pack.  Add as many layers as needed to get the perfect cheek height and eye relief.

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